About me & my UX design process.

I'm a user experience designer and educator.
My practice of design is ethical, human-centered, and geeky. My teams have included IoT, education, museums, and non-profit, in projects where technology sparks human connections.
Yes, post-it notes are involved.

I love exploring the potential of emerging tech with Human-Centered Design. What's that? HCD focuses on talking to users at the outset, understanding their needs, and returning to them again to test, iterate and refine a project. (See the Double Diamond, below.)

Teaching: My Lifeblood

My goal as an educator is to open pathways for students to become responsible problem solvers, so they can design for the human motivations that give technology power and purpose. When I get it right, my students are empowered to make a better future with human centered technology. This is really, really satisfying.

I hold an MFA from CalArts in Photography and Integrated Media. Recently I taught the UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly, and I now teach at USC in the School of Cinematic Arts, Media Arts and Practice program.

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