Catherine Bell




Laser cutting and engraving

I'm fascinated by acrylic in complex shapes, plus the beautiful primary color in comes in. I designed a toy/decoration that lives in a sunlit window and turns, casting moving shapes and colors into a room.
Still working out some kinks in this design, but I'm really satisfied with this first draft!
Leather: My next maker obsession is working with this durable natural material, especially if I can reuse or recycle it! I'm on the hunt for a way to get optimal results engraving a photograph with shading and detail. Above is a halftone treatment on one of my favorite daguerrotypes.
This daguerrotype is a portrait of the fabulous Comtessa De Castiglione, one of the first patrons of photography and a notorious and bohemian beauty of the mid 1800s. (Open Aceess, Met Museum)
The halftone + leather results are great, and the next question is what type of exciting design can I use this technique for?

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